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Cultural Committee

1- Juma'a Khutba:

  1. Determining names of Juma'a lecturers, alternatives, reminding them.
  2. Announcing names of Juma'a lecturers for (4 weeks)
  3. Preparing an alternative Khutba by one of us, just in case the Friday lecturer fails to come.
  4. Specifying topics for Juma'a Khutba that will be suitable with the needs of other committees: school importance, women, and youth.
  5. Setting up training courses on public speaking and Khutba.
  6. Stressing the importance of being punctual, and go by the beginning and ending time of khutbas.

2- Classes, course, and lectures:

  1. Determining the time for the weekly lecture, the lecturer, and the alternative.
  2. Stressing the importance of Quran lessons, determining the weekly time for it, and the instructor
  3. Choosing relevant and adequate topics for the lectures and Quran lessons.
  4. Putting importance to the Khatira (short talk), and setting a schedule for that.
  5. Supervising on the teaching of Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.

3- Other Activities:

  1. Preparing and supervising Qiyam and I'tikaf (stay over) Programs.
  2. Setting up adequate and relevant courses, and inviting guest speakers.
  3. Issuing a monthly newsletter for the masjid.
  4. Administering and coordinating in cultural programs with activities such as: field trips, camps, and occasions.
  5. Management and encouragement of educational competitions and prizes.
  6. Organizing and managing the Masjid Library.

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