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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is elected from the General Body of the Islamic Center of Hawthorne and is entrusted with the general policies of ICH as well as major decisions. The Board of Trustees is composed of 7 members total: 5 elected from the General Body, the President of the Board of Directors, and the President of the Board of Education. The term for this Board is 4 years.

The current 2015-2016 Board of Trustees Members are:

1- Br. Ahmed Azam (Chairman)
2- Br. Adnan Aljammal
3- Br. Malek Taweil
4- Br. Fuad Alloush
5- Dr. Jawdat Dajani (President, Board of Directors)
6- Dr. Sayed Sallam (President, Board of Education)
7- Dr. Syed Jilani

If you need to contact the Board of Trustees, please send an e-mail request to or call the ICH office at 310-973-8000

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