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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (B.O.D.) is an elected body that is in charge of the day-to-day activities of ICH. The President of the Board is elected by the General Body of the Center and then he appoints 6 other Board members that are approved by the General Body. The B.O.D. serves for a term of two years.

The B.O.D. is open to suggestions and comments and continuously strives to offer the community the quality services they need. The B.O.D. is also continuously looking for volunteers to manage the many activities that the Center runs. If you have the time or knowledge in any field and would like to help, please signup in the volunteer section.

Current Board of Directors Members (2017-2018) are:

1- Dr. Jawdat Dajani (President)
2- Br. Samir Jesri (Vice President/Treasurer)
3- Br. Saleh Ali (Social)
4- Br. Bilal Zaheen (Dawa & Outreach Committee)
5- Br. Omar Khalil (Youth Committee)
6- Sister Lubna Al-Shorafa (BOT)
7- Sister Sara Sallam

The Board invites community members to get involved in any of the committees of the Center: Cultural, Social, Youth, Dawa & Public Relations, and Women Committee.

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